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Product Care

Tips for looking after your purchase

05/09/2008 | by matt

Below are some tips to help you get many years use out of your Blast Zone jumping castle:

1) Always pack your inflatable away dry and clean. This is particularly important if you're packing away a water slide at the end of the season otherwise mould will develop during the winter. Even on dry days, the underside of your bouncer can get damp from the ground so leave it out to dry, particularly if you plan to pack it away for a long time.

2) Place a tarpaulin underneath your bouncer prior to use. Even if you go to the effort to ensure that there are no sticks, rocks or other sharp/rough objects on the ground where your bouncer is going, there is a chance you will miss something. A tarp underneath your jumping castle or water slide helps minimise wear on the underside by reducing friction and rubbing with the ground.

3) Repair holes and pulled stitching as soon as possible. If you do put a small hole in your bouncer or the stitching starts to come open through wear and tear, repair it while it's still small and before it becomes a big problem.

4) Keep dogs and other pets away. It may surprise you to know that the number one cause of damage to inflatable jumping castles is from excited dogs biting holes in them. Sharp claws and teeth are not compatible with your bouncer so keep the pets away.

5) Supervise, supervise, supervise. Supervision during play is not only important for safety to ensure there's no rough play or kids trying to do silly things, it will also give longer life to your bouncer. Younger children don't think like we do and they will not hesitate to take toys, sticks and food onto the jumping castle with them to "enhance" their play experience. Oh, and did we say supervise?

6) Keep the big kids off. While Blast Zone bouncers are built tough and adults have been known to join in on the fun, your bouncer is going to wear out a whole lot quicker if you allow it to be used this way. The stitching is simply not strong enough to withstand the sort of force big kids and adults will place on it if they are on for extended periods of time.

7) Use Armor All or a similar product to protect your inflatable water slide from the suns rays. Your jumping castle or slide will look like new a whole lot longer using a proctectant, but check on a small area first to ensure it doesn't cause damage. Also, if you want to do this take care that using a protectant on playing surfaces may cause them to become very slippery and dangerous.

8) Don't drag the inflatable. If you drag your jumping castle while setting it up or putting it away, you'll quickly start to wear a hole in it as it rubs on the ground. The same is true if it's in its carry bag as the carry bag is made from the same sort of material.


Extra tips for inflatable water slide care

Friday, 14 October 2011 2:55:03 PM | matt

Without a doubt, each year inflatable water slides are proving to becoming an increasingly popular item to keep the kids amused throughout a hot Australian summer. We have customers kids who use them for hours on end enjoying being active and keeping cool all at once.

The down side to inflatable water slides though is frankly they can be a nuisance for mum or dad to pack up, and if not looked after properly, will only be a one season wonder. So we've put together these tips to help make the packing up side of things as painless as possible.

1. Be aware that water will seep into the internal structure of your inflatable water slide. You can prevent the amount of water building up inside the water slide by ensuring that whenever there is water in the pool area, you leave the blower running. The blowers don’t draw a lot of current and can run all day without overheating. As soon as the blowers are switched off, the rate at which water seeps inside is much higher.

2. As soon as you do switch off the blower, make sure all the pool water drains away quickly and push off large areas with a broom if necessary. Don’t worry about bucketing it out unless you really have to as it will mostly just spill out and run away depending on your backyard space. Take note of your backyard and set up your inflatable water slide so that the water will naturally run away if possible. If not you can also siphon out the water with a hose running down to the lowest point in your backyard.

3. You will always get water that will seep inside the unit. If it is a lot, then try and guide the water to spill out of the blower tube and any extra tubes at the back of your inflatable water slide. You can also roll the water slide while it its wet and get the water to squeeze out of the holes at the back and/or the seams themselves. Once there is no major amount of water internally or externally, switch on the blower with the extra holes at the back left open and allow the air flow to dry out the inside while the sun dries the outside of the unit.

4. Unfortunately there is no quick and easy way to dry out your inflatable water slide and it is the downside of operating something that the kids do enjoy a lot. Realistically, laying the unit in a garage or under a covered area or out in the sun for a day or two is going to be necessary to dry it out properly but you don’t have to do this each and every time you use it. Just be thorough if it is not going to be used for at least a week or two and is going into storage for many weeks/months.

5. When you are storing away your water slide for the cooler season, make sure it is stored in a cool, dry place. If you live in areas of high humidity, be aware that if moisture gets into your water slide it can cause mould and possibly adversely affect the internal structure as well as voiding your warranty.

6. Inflatable water slides are not manufactured to be permanent fixtures in your backyard. Just like their more expensive commercial cousins, they are designed to be used for parties then packed away again. Leaving them out in the blazing sun all summer long is going to age your inflatable water slide quickly. If you intend to use it a lot, consider spraying surfaces with a protectant such as Armor-All but be aware that this can make walking and sliding areas a lot more slippery for the kids. Also consider placing it in shady area, using shade cloth or at least covering it over with a tarp when not in use.


If you do take the time to care for your inflatable water slide and ensure that it is packed away clean and dry (internally and externally), after you have finished using it, your children should get many years of pleasure splashing and sliding the days away.



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