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Frequently asked questions about our domestic range of jumping castles and water slides by Blast Zone, and our commercial range by Inflatable Depot.

Domestic Jumping Castles

Blast Zone Quality

Materials - Blast Zone bounce houses and water parks use exclusive materials that are not only lightweight, but extraordinarily durable. Our bouncers are continuous airflow inflatables, meaning air flows from the included blower, into the unit and out through the seams and pores in the materials. Blast Zone Bouncers employ an inner air membrane, which allows the bouncer to inflate and keep its' structure. This gives the bounce house or water park additional strength.

The primary material in our residential bouncers is oxford cloth with an exclusive weaving technique which makes the material very durable and difficult to rip. This special material is one of the key factors that make our bouncers the toughest available. Additionally, we use commercial grade materials in stress areas to give extra spring and durability, and we enclose all of our items with durable safety netting.

Workmanship - All Blast Zone inflatable water parks and bouncy houses are double and quadruple stitched with commercial grade stitching. This makes our bouncers ultra sturdy, but our over-stitching is the real key to strength. In stress areas, Blast Zone Stitches additional material OVER THE EXISTING STITCHES to give them even more support. remember, bounce houses are individually sewn, so the stitching is very important. Additionally, Blast Zone often uses commercial-grade backing on bounce floors and stitching.

Design - There are 3 Questions we ask ourselves during the design process, in the following order: "How do we keep kids safe," "How do we make this item durable," and "How can we make this the most awesome inflatable ever?" Every Blast zone inflatable is designed with the same concerns we feel any parent would have.

Quality Control - Every Blast Zone inflatable bounce house and water park is inflated and tested before it leaves the factory. Full-time quality control personnel inspect the stitching and materials on every item before it ships from the factory, as well as thoroughly inspecting and testing the materials before the manufacturing process begins. We even use quadruple-walled packaging, to make sure your bouncer or water park and blower arrive in pristine condition!

Buy Safe, Play Safe.

How difficult is it to set up a Jump City inflatable?
Not very difficult at all. If you can set up a tent, setting up an inflatable is easier. All that is involved is the following:

  1. Roll out the inflatable on a grassed area ensuring there are no sharp objects underneath.
  2. Hammer in supplied pegs at all anchor points.
  3. Hammer in pegs to secure electric blower.
  4. Tie connection tube to blower.
  5. Switch blower on. Castle or slide will be fully inflated, ready for use, in about 60 seconds!

This whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes. Inflatables can also be set up inside if you have enough room, and the set up time is even less as you do not need to hammer in pegs.

Are your inflatables covered by a warranty?
There is a 12 month manufacturers’ warranty on the electric blower, and the bouncer is covered for 12 months against faulty manufacture. The bouncer is not covered for any damage caused by overloading, sharp objects, or overuse. 

How long can we expect our Blast Zone Inflatable bouncer to last?
How many years of life you get out of your jumping castle or other bouncer depends on how often it is used and how well it is looked after. A family that buys a jumping castle that they only pull out a few times each year for parties will get many years of use out of it, assuming it is well supervised during use, the maximum load bearing weight isn't exceeded, and it is promptly packed away in a clean and dry state after each use. Someone else that exposes an inflatable to heavy duty use on a daily basis, and ignores weight limit warnings, may find that it needs to be replaced after a few months. People who need something that is going to be heavily used on a regular basis are probably going to be better off investing in a commercial grade inflatable in the long run.

How much is delivery likely to cost?
Delivery costs can vary significantly depending on the size of the bouncer, quantity you are buying and especially your location. Freight is calculated automatically for you during the checkout process and prior to you completing payment you will have the opportunity to see the cost. Most inflatables can be delivered to Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne and country NSW from between $25-50.

Payment options
Purchases can be made via direct deposit, money order, cheque, credit card or PayPal. Cash is also accepted for pick up orders.


Instructions For Your Blast Zone Inflatable

Blast Zone Instructions

Congratulations on your new inflatable toy purchase! Please read all instructions carefully before use. ALWAYS obey safety precautions listed within these instructions and on the warning label. This item is for home use only, and is not intended for commercial use or rental. Always use common sense safety practices, and monitor children’s play behaviour. If child’s actions appear unsafe for the child, or the inflatable toy, cease behaviour immediately.


  • Never leave children unattended at any time!
  • Observe precautions on product WARNING LABEL at all times.
  • Keep unit away from heat and open flame at all times. Material will burn or melt when in contact with flame or heat.
  • Children should not use this product if they have any existing medical conditions such as, but not limited to: Neck, back or joint injuries, heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, circulatory problems or other health concerns. Always consult a physician if you have any concerns.
  • Ensure electrical source is safe and stable before operation.
  • Keep children away from blower.
  • Do not insert fingers, toes, etc into the blower, or it may cause injury.
  • Do not insert foreign objects into the blower. This will cause damage.
  • Do not bring sharp objects into play area.
  • Do not eat in play area.
  • Do not smoke in play area.
  • In case of blower malfunction, tighten blower vent and evacuate play area immediately.
  • Do not use in rain, strong wind or extreme weather conditions.
  • When using slides, never slide head first. Always make sure slide is clear of others before sliding.
  • Never stand up on slide platform.
  • Do not leave unit inflated or outside when not in use. Prolonged exposure to sun or strong weather will destroy fabric.
  • Avoid rough play. Rough play is dangerous for children and can damage the unit.

This product must be set up and supervised by an adult. Use only on grass or soft surfaces. Do not use on concrete, asphalt, etc. Always make sure the ground is debris-free before setup, and never drag across rough surfaces. Unroll product, Connect blower(s) to inlet, and tie. Anchor the blower to the ground using the stakes provided. Do not use the blower near water or in wet conditions. If the the blower becomes wet, discontinue use until it is dry. Plug in and start the blower; your unit will inflate within a couple minutes. Leave the blower running the entire time the inflatable is being used. You will hear air “breathing” out of seams and fabric. This is intentional to allow air to escape. Once inflated, anchor the inflatable product to the ground using the stakes provided. Never use the inflatable without anchoring it to the ground. 

Disassemble Instructions

Ensure that all the players have left play area. Remove any loose articles or debris from play area. Empty any water from water units while still inflated. Allow the unit to continue to run until thoroughly dry. Turn off, and unplug blower. Once product is fully deflated, fold & store in cool, dry area. Maintenance & Repair Always keep products clean to protect the seams and surface. Regularly inspect seams and play surface for any necessary repairs. Slight damage caused by nature or man-made factors can be repaired with the repair kit provided. To repair, deflate the product thoroughly, and ensure surface is dry. Cut patches to sizes suitable for repair. Apply glue on both the repair patches, and the damaged surface. For larger punctures and rips, the unit can be repaired using the included patch and strong thread. 


In order to get the maximum life out of your inflatable water slide or jumping castle, follow these simple care instructions.

  • Never leave your jumping castle outside. Weather will corrode materials.
  • Drain all water from water parks, and allow the water park to run empty, in order for the blower to dry all water from inside materials.
  • Never drag the inflatable across concrete, sharp objects, etc.


What is the Material Like?

We often have people ask what our jumping castles are made out of. The technical answer is oxford cloth and commercial grade phthalate free PVC. This material in the major structural parts of our bouncers and slides and feels similar to the type of material they used to make those big green tents that the Scouts and other groups would use. The material is not at all like the plastic which is used in inexpensive blow up pools and toys which is easily punctured and torn. 

The material also is not like the material you may have seen in some home use jumping castles which feels thin and flimsy and similar to a fly sheet used in camping. On surfaces used for bouncing, the material in Blast Zone bouncers has a smooth finish minimising friction for your children's skin and is of the same type and strength used in many commercial jumping castles: something you will not find in other domestic jumping castles. 

Our jumping castles are put together using needle and thread, just like the more expensive commercial inflatables. The advantage of this is that they can be repaired relatively easily using a needle and thread and the design has a certain amount of "give" so that when children bounce air pressure is being dispersed throughout the entire jumping castle and out of its stitching rather than too much air pressure in one place causing it to pop like cheaper jumping castles do.


What's the go with the blowers?

Each of our domestic jumping castles is designed similarly to their larger and more expensive commercial cousins requiring a continuous air flow blower to ensure that they remain inflated. All of our jumping castles and slides, even the cheapest, include an electric blower with them in the box.

There are some home use jumping castles out there that are designed to remain inflated and therefore do not require a continuous air flow blower. You should be aware that this design is more prone to damage and deflation because the jumping castle has a perfect seal of air meaning that air has nowhere to escape when you've got several children bouncing on them at once.

Blast Zone jumping castles are designed to continually "leak" air so that they have plenty of give for when children bounce. This doesn't mean that the castle deflates because it is contantly having hundreds of litres of air pumped into it, replacing immediately the air that is displaced as children bounce. The advantage with this design is that even if your jumping castle gets small holes in it, this will have virtually no effect on the operation of the unit.

What sets Blast Zone apart from the competition?

As more domestic use jumping castles become available on the market, it can be difficult to know which inflatable brand is going to be suitable for your purposes. Some things that we think the astute buyer should consider when comparing the Blast Zone range with the competition are:

* Blast Zone domestic inflatables are the toughest available in the Australian market - we know because we used to sell a competitor's brand.

* Blast Zone are the only inflatables on the Australian market that incorporate commercial quality materials and stitching in their manufacture.

* Every Blast Zone inflatable bounce house and water park is inflated and tested before it leaves the factory (if experience is anything to go by, we doubt our competitors do this). Full-time quality control personnel inspect the stitching and materials on every item before it ships from the factory, as well as thoroughly inspecting and testing the materials before the manufacturing process begins.

* Our inflatables are covered by a 12 month manufacturer's warranty, and we honour our warranty. What this means is that if something goes awry with your inflatable that is obviously because of poor manufacture (unraveled stitching, weakened materials etc.) we will repair or replace your inflatable as soon as possible at our expense. In reality, in the unlikely event that there has been a manufacturer's fault, you will most likely notice it the first time you use the product.

* We estimate that if your Blast Zone jumping castle is used in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines (no overloading, packed away clean and dry after use) it should last 3 - 10 years if used infrequently at home (birthday's, parties, holidays etc.).

* Blast Zone inflatables are manufactured with phthalate-free material in accordance with strict European standards yet to be adopted in Australia. Phthalates (pronounced Thal-8) are a group of specific chemicals used in PVC manufacturing and are used as plasticisers in the coating on the material, making the PVC flexible and are beneficial to the strength of the item. Although the evidence is inconclusive, there have been concerns that phthalates can affect the hormonal development of children which is why the EU have banned them.

If we can assist you further in your decision making please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 4423 5447.