The Bountiful Benefits of Jumping Castles and Inflatable Water Slides

If you’ve ever thought about investing in a jumping castle or inflatable water slide for your home, here’s a very compelling reason – using domestic inflatables can make your kids healthier.

Did you know that active kids tends to get sick less, sleep better, and are better at their studies? What’s more they’re far less likely to become overweight later in life.

The problem is how to provide an active environment that stimulates your kids to enjoy physical activity. Living in the city or the suburbs means limited space and perhaps a long drive to the beach.

If you want to give your children the gift of health, one smart way is to invest in a domestic inflatable. Items such as jumping castles and inflatable water slides are such fun your kids will be on them for hours.

The list of health benefits gained by regular exercise is almost endless and include enhanced immunity, lower blood pressure, stronger heart, and healthier bones.

At the same time, the improved flow of blood to areas such as the brain helps with concentration and mood. It also builds self-esteem and self-confidence along with developing social skills.

Meanwhile you can relax knowing they’re safe, happy and healthy.

A Flexible Solution

You can use your inflatable any time of the year though summer is best for the water slides. Combo units contain the best features of castles and slides and offer an especially flexible solution.

When you’re ready to buy a bouncing castle or water slide, you need to consider such factors as the ages and numbers of kids that will be using it. This way you’ll get a model that’s just right for your family.

Domestic inflatables require the minimum of space in your garden or yard. Contact Australia’s leading suppliers at Jump City for some friendly advice on the best model for your circumstances. Then get ready to provide your kids with some safe, healthy fun they can enjoy for years to come.

When you need Australia’s finest jumping castle, call Jump City on 02 4403 0511 to place your secure order.

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