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Inflatable Depot

02/09/2009 | by matt

For almost four years now, Jump City has been supplying the Australian market with domestic jumping castles that we have shipped to all corners of the country, and some to overseas. During that time we have had many, many enquiries from people asking whether we also sell inflatables suitable for commercial use.

Well after much research, negotiations, conversations and a trip to Orlando, Florida we have finally come to an agreement with The Inflatable Depot to distribute their fantastic range throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are very excited to be forming this relationship with The Inflatable Depot because after searching all ends of the earth, we're convinced that they simply manufacture the best designed inflatables in the world.

If your idea of a jumping castle is a three walled structure with room to bounce around, it's time you took a look at some of the designs The Inflatable Depot has in its range. The Inflatable Depot range of commercial inflatables is ideally suited for those that run children's indoor centres and the big scale hire companies that specialise in fetes, shows, and school and church events.

The range also includes something for the backyard hire companies too. We'll be taking the time to write in more detail about some of the different inflatable games that there are in the future.

New Domestic Jumping Castle Supplier

10/08/2009 | by matt

Jump City is excited to announce that from early August 2009 we will distributing the Blast Zone range of inflatable bouncers, water slides and jumping castles. Although we have been selling the Happy Hop range since October 2005, we have regrettably decided to stop selling this range for a number of reasons.

Jump City has always prided itself of supplying a quality product with excellent customer support and strongly believe we will be able to achieve this much better with the Blast Zone product. The Blast Zone range of inflatables is a significant step up for us in supplying customers with domestic bouncy castles and is sure to take the Australian market by storm. The quality of manufacture is second to none in the non-commercial bouncer range, incorporating commercial quality materials and stitching in key impact areas of the inflatable.

While we'll be looking at a 10-20% price increase on our previous range, we believe the product quality is at least 100% better. The Blast Zone range includes visually attractive inflatables with themed designs including pirates, rainforests, space, crocodiles and sharks! There will be different sizes and designs to suit a wide variety of tastes, backyards and budgets. Our new domestic range will be ready to ship to you from mid-August.


Welcome to Jump City

02/09/2008 | by matt

We have decided to create this blog in order to assist people with their purchasing decision when contemplating buying a jumping castle. While people are increasingly looking to the Internet as an option for making a purchase, it can be with some trepidation. The buyer relies on images of the product being sold, as well as written descriptions, and occasionally video content of the products.

However, in all honesty these are a poor substitute for being able to see and touch a product in person. It is worth noting though that in a lot of department stores such as K-mart etc., the customer will not necessarily have the opportunity to see and feel a product other than what they can see on the box on the shelf.

Like anything there are advantages and disadvantages with making an online purchase as opposed to an in store purchase and I have experienced them all as a regular online purchaser. Which is why I thought it was important to create this blog to help fill in some of the gaps for people who are contemplating purchasing a jumping castle for their children.


Matt Rose